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  • Unique access to community events

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  • First access to the best opportunities

Members of our community have a passion and level of expertise on anything related to data.

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Community FAQs

What is the community and why do we have one?

The community is a selective group of data focused subject matter experts, and it consists of those who are passionate about all things data.

We build this to create an unrivalled candidate and client experience. It enables us to develop closer relationships while being able to give-back through knowledge sharing, networking events and offering unique opportunities.

For clients, we can use the community to create specific candidate pipelines and communities that enable them to bring in cross-industry expertise and reduce speed to hire without lowering quality.

Who can be a member of the community?

We welcome everyone to apply be it a new or an existing relationship. You certainly don’t have to be existing client or candidate.

To be a member you must have a passion and level of expertise on something data related, i.e. a demonstrable background in machine learning, software engineering or providing customer insight etc.

How does being part of the community help my career?

You will get exclusive access to events hosted by us, or one of our partners. Think meetups, hackathons and conferences – offering an excellent opportunity to network, learn from industry experts or even a chance to speak… Not to mention free drinks and pizza!

On our knowledge sharing platforms, you will be able to learn from others, share exciting industry related content and find answers to work-related problems you may be having.

Community members also get first access to awesome opportunities with our clients, most of which we work with exclusively.

As a business how can I use the community?

We work in partnership to build you a bespoke community group for your business.

This could include:

  • Building continuous pipelines and engagement with relevant and highly skilled talent, specifically for your business. This significantly reduces your time to hire when you need it, without compromising on quality.
  • Bespoke events – we can build a bespoke meet-up to drum up interest, improve internal buy-in, attract external capability and showcase the great work you are doing.
  • Collaboration – as well as knowledge sharing we can also set up partnerships and conversations to learn from others, sharing war stories and lessons learned.
I want to be a member; how do I join?

If you’re an existing relationship of Logikk, just let us know you’re interested.

Alternatively, you can apply by clicking the apply now button above and filling out the application form. We try to contact you within a couple of days to arrange an initial call you to understand more about you.

What does being a member entail?

You can choose to participate as much or as little as you like with our community.

As a member you will:

  • Get invited to our exclusive community meet-ups and events, where you can network and see talks from industry leaders and others in the community.
  • Be invited to join our online social groups so you can share content and ask questions to others in the community.
  • Recieve our quarterly newsletter, which contains community news, our latest insight and guest articles from subject matter experts in the community.
  • Get introduced to others in the community looking for advice or partnerships with people who have successfully delivered on common industry drivers. Previously this has lead to inter-industry/company collaboration.
  • Get first access to new opportunities before we take them to market.

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