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Data Architect – AWS

£70,000 - £85,000

This is a greenfield implementation of an entire AWS environment. A new data platform is being built from scratch to inject ALL data from across the business (it’s a FTSE 100 business so that’s a lot of data!) with the view to build an enterprise wide platform that will transform this company into a data driven organisation. Our client is several Cloud/Data Architects to design this from the ground up.


As a Data Architect, you will need to have experience in an AWS environment. Normally other cloud environments would be fine but, as there is a lack of AWS experience in-house at the moment it’s important that the architects that are hired bring that experience with them.


From a modelling perspective, we’re not bothered with what you use tool-wise. They’re all fairly similar and the end results are the same. We are looking for people who have delivered large enterprise wide cloud data solutions for reporting, advanced analytics or machine learning – ideally in AWS.


There will also be a lot of legacy data you will be dealing with so experience with a variety of RDBMS, MPP’s and NoSQL databases is extremely useful. The data will go into structured, none-structured and raw formats in the new platform making multiple use cases for the data possible (analytics, reporting, machine learning etc.). One of the main use cases driving the build is the eventual implementation/adoption of an analytics lab/centre of excellence that will utilise ML to build products and services. As a result, you will be working closely with data engineers throughout this programme.


This is 100% delivery focused. I’m looking for builders and doers. Hands-on people that want to look back in a couple of years and can confidently say “I delivered an AWS based platform that is ML ready for a FSTE 100 business – from scratch.” This is a genuinely exciting project for architects so if you would like to hear more about it please get in touch an I’ll talk you through everything. I’ve been working with this business for a couple of years now so can really go into detail.


For more information contact me [email protected]

Ben Westwood

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